Tatty Teddy. How the little grey bear with a blue nose and patches came to life

Carte Blanche Group have, and always have had, some very talented artists responsible for all the stunning images you see today.

I am very proud of how it all began, when in 1987, Carte Blanche commissioned an artist to draw a number of images for a new range of greeting cards.

If you look closely, you may see a slight resemblance to a character that went on to evolve to become a very famous Teddy Bear indeed. Yes, you guessed it...  
...Tatty Teddy!

This was the first bear ever drawn for me by artist Mike Payne AKA Miranda.

Little did we know back then, that this little bear was going to become one of the most loved bears in the world. 

In 1995, I decided it was time for a refresh, so I briefed Mike to re-draw Tatty Teddy in charcoal pencil. With the addition of a blue nose and a few more patches,
'Me to You' was born!

I have many fond memories working with Mike; we had a lot of fun together in the early years of Carte Blanche and creatively had real chemistry between us, often spending many hours together developing characters and ranges. 

When Mike retired in 2002, I felt strongly that there was more to our little bear than cards and gifts and wanted to turn Tatty Teddy into a sought after brand – creating a globally recognised character that would cross cultural and language barriers and transcend generations. 

After Mike stepped down, the reigns were passed to the very talented Steve Mort-Hill, who continues to oversee everything we do with Tatty Teddy to this very day.  Steve and his creative team took the baton from Mike and ran with the brand enhancing it beyond my wildest dreams.

Almost three decades later, Me to You and its signature character, Tatty Teddy is an iconic brand, loved by millions all over the world and has even spawned several other Blue Nose brands which captivate new generations of fans. People often ask me "what next for our little Grey Bear?" or "Where to now?" Well, watch this space. We are still as enthusiastic as ever about Tatty Teddy and all our Blue Nose brands and 2014 and 15 could just be our most exciting yet.

With thanks to all our fans over the many years for loving and supporting Tatty Teddy, Me to You and our Blue Nose Friends.