Carte Blanche shows off its Humorous side

Carte Blanche Group has gathered its best-selling humour brands and launched a new Humour Quad with a mix of highest performing and brand-new designs exclusively for Independent retailers.

The 16 card collection features four designs from Leon, Say It To My Face and Cards for Horrible People - plus new captions from the ever popular Violent Veg brand.

Best known for their phenomenally successful Me to You brand, in recent years Carte Blanche have branched out from solely offering Cute cards and now have a number of genres within their portfolio.

Marketing Manager, Grace Elphinstone, comments, “As a business we have moved a long way since our launch and although the mainstay of our offering is still Cute, we recognise that retailers are looking for publishers who can offer a broader portfolio of greeting card genres, combined with innovative design and outstanding service. Carte Blanche offers just that and as well as becoming the ‘go to’ publisher for all things Cute with our award winning Me to You brand, we also offer leading Traditional and Sentiment sends with Wishing Well and Blue Mountain Arts, trend led and contemporary designs within our Hotchpotch range and best-selling designs in Humour as part of our Emotional Rescue and Violent Veg offer.”

Grace continues, “Our talented in-house designers and artists have also been working on a number of home-grown humour brands that we’re excited to launch as a collection to Independent retailers this March. Comprising 16 new designs across 4 brands (Cards for Horrible People, Leon, Violent Veg and Say it to my Face), the Carte Blanche Humour collection will be sold as a quad.”

Tapping into the phenomenal trend in all things vegetarian and vegan, Carte Blanche is now turning its attention to a meat-free facelift for its Violent Veg brand which will enjoy a relaunch in 2019 ready to hit stores in 2020.

For more information contact Grace Elphinstone on 01243 792613 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.