Roar-some crowds greet Mr Moshi

5/8/14 Over 2,500 people packed the Moon Court at Bluewater Shopping Centre this weekend, with some camping overnight to enjoy two days of ‘Moshlings Madness’ and get a glimpse of Mr Moshi himself, Michael Acton-Smith.

The crowd pleasing event was organised to herald the launch of the new phase of soft toys from the Moshlings Collection, including a brand new ‘Scamp’ character which is exclusive to Clintons nationwide.

To celebrate the launch, families were invited to enjoy a variety of Moshi themed activities, including the opportunity to meet Mind Candy Founder, Michael Acton Smith, whom Moshi Monsters fans have affectionately dubbed Mr Moshi, for an exclusive signing. Kids were also able to get their hands on the cute Scamp soft toy ahead of the official launch, with a free Moshi-tastic goody bag with every purchase. 

Paw prints on the walkways added extra theatre by leading shoppers from the Clintons store entrance to a special Moshi Monsters activity area featuring a Moshi tattoo station, face painting and meet and greets with four Moshi Monsters characters – Poppet, Furi, Diavlo and Katsuma. 

The event was so successful that Clintons Bluewater saw sales from the Moshlings Collection increase by a whopping 1,250% week-on-week with organisers, Carte Blanche estimating around 95% of fans queuing were driven to purchase Moshlings Collection soft toys from Clintons. 

Carte Blanche Brand Manager, Catherine Lawrence commented, “Brand stats show that Moshi Monsters continues to engage and ranks within the top 20 of all kids character brands in the UK. A physical demonstration of brand engagement is always more compelling though and this event confirms just how powerful the Moshi Monsters brand still is with true longevity in the hearts and minds of children. Commercially too, the event has been a great success as sales in Clintons this weekend prove.”  

The popular children’s TV presenter, Nigel Clarke, also made an appearance at the event, helping to whip up crowds and filming for Toy Testers TV.

Gemma Gallagher, Founder of commented, "We had an amazing day! It was fabulous working with the Carte Blanche and Moshi Monsters teams. The level of engagement was quite extraordinary, with a continuous buzz of excitement both with children and parents, and behind the scenes. Importantly, Scamp was extremely well received by Moshi fans and was awarded a gold medal because of the high ratings he earned from children. We look forward to many more events and a lot more Moshi Madness soon!"

You can view the Toy Testers TV film of the event here.