A big Surprise Surprise with Tiny Tatty Teddy

31/03/2014Monday 31st March 2014: Carte Blanche featured on popular, primetime ITV show, Surprise Surprise, on Sunday evening and is pleased to be supporting UK baby charity, Pop ‘n’ Grow.

Paula Smith, founder of Pop ‘n’ Grow, was certainly surprised when she was picked from the live audience to go on stage alongside presenter, Holly Willoughby, to find out what was awaiting her from Carte Blanche.  

Paula created Pop ‘n’ Grow baby grows after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Amelia, in 2011.  Due to complications, Amelia was moved to intensive care and it was during Amelia's stay that Paula came up with a new idea to bring comfort to parents of other children in special care baby units across the country.  Amelia had several tubes and machines attached to her and Paula was only able to sit by her baby, when every instinct was to comfort her.  The baby grow Amelia wore was only buttoned up to her chest and the arm of the baby-grow was redundant, as the sleeves weren't big enough to cover the bandage.
Paula comments “I thought, with a few adjustments and some simple poppers placed along the top of the sleeves, a new design of baby-grow, specifically created for babies in special care units, would make life so much easier, not only for parents, but for nursing staff too."

After hearing Paula’s story, Carte Blanche wanted to do something really special that would help raise both money and awareness for Paula’s charity.  Cute and classic Tiny Tatty Teddy from Carte Blanche seemed a perfect brand to support Pop ‘n’ Grow as both businesses develop ‘tiny’, precious and baby-safe products.

Carte Blanche decided to secretly produce 1,000 Tiny Tatty Teddy soft toys wearing Pop ‘n’ Grows and it was during Sunday night’s special Mother’s Day episode of Surprise Surprise that this was announced to Paula.  Carte Blanche are extremely keen to support Paula and the Pop ‘n’ Grow charity and have donated the 1,000 Pop ‘n’ Grows for Paula to use as she wishes – whether she sells them to raise money or sends directly to the hospitals for young babies needing care.   

Catherine Lawrence, Tiny Tatty Teddy Brand Manager at Carte Blanche said; “We were so pleased to see Paula’s fantastic reaction to the Tiny Tatty Teddy Pop ‘n’ Grows and are really excited to be supporting such a brilliant charity in this way.”

Paula Smith, founder of Pop ‘n’ Grow, said; “I wasn’t expecting to be called on stage at all, let alone be given such fabulous support from Carte Blanche.  I really appreciate all the effort they have put into this and think the Tiny Tatty Teddy Pop ‘n’ Grow soft toys are just adorable!”